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What is necessary to know while ordering dangerous freight transportation

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Currently it is rather difficult to control companies which are specialized in dangerous freight transportation. In the first place it is connected with licensing cancellation in this sphere. Companies-carriers ignore established rules and regulations rather often. As a result the dangerous freight is transported by means of ordinary transport which is absolutely improper for these purposes. If statistical data are to believed, more than fifty percent of accidents in dangerous freight transportation take place in connection with incorrect or defective motor transport. Companies-carriers commit many serious violations because they do not know laws of those countries where the freight is delivered.

As a matter of fact everything must be the other way. The driver, transporting the freight, must compulsorily have such documents as DOPOG-ADR certificate, DOPOG-ADR certificate for motor vehicle admission to freight transportation and approval of transportation route (according to the document “Rules of dangerous freight transportation by motor transport”). In addition, the used motor transport must completely comply with rules and requirements of transportation and must be equipped with all necessary devices that can be needed in case of accident. The driver also must have transport emergency card and elements of security information system.

It should be noted that nowadays in our country the activities carried out for the purposes of improving technical condition of car fleet and arrangement of documentation are insufficient. Furthermore, Russia considerably falls behind many European countries, not meeting requirements of transportation safety.

Practically in all European countries motor transportation of dangerous freight is an activity that can be carried out only after receiving special permission. Nowadays in our country this kind of activity does not require license. In some European countries there are additional activities, restricting transportation of dangerous freight by motor transport on their territories. For example, these can be restrictions, connected with the time of the day, days of the week or territorial restrictions. It also should be noted that in European countries the passage of motor transport with dangerous freight in tunnels is forbidden.

If you need the carrier of dangerous freight, while choosing this carrier you should compulsorily take into account a number of requirements which the chosen company must satisfy. One should not forget that for making transportation of dangerous freight there should be special emergency card, containing detailed description of chemical composition of materials or substances. All necessary documents should be enclosed to transferred dangerous freight, particularly, passport and route lists, indicating the route of motor transport movement. It should be noted that the change of the approved route is forbidden. The driver, transporting dangerous freight, must have quality certificate and other forwarding documents.

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