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Advantages and disadvantages of motor transportations

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Motor transportations are the most popular type of freight transportations which convenience is revealed both at local or regional directions and on large scale. Main advantages of motor transportations are speed of freight transfer between defined points, the most flexible system of route planning and complete freight control during its transfer.

Let us compare motor transportations with rail transportations. It seems from the very beginning that freight transportation by rail is quicker and more comfortable, however, it concerns only transportation itself. If we take into account that primarily the freight must be delivered to the station, then it must be transferred from cars to carriages, and after arrival to the end point it is necessary to do the same, but in the inverse order, it becomes clear that it is more comfortable to transfer freight with the help of wagon which can arrive directly from the loading point and reach the unloading point, thus saving much time and money at the expense of exclusion of intermediate freight operations.

All these advantages are fair not only for inter-Russian transportations, but for transportations to countries of Europe and Asia. Here as one more plus one can mention quicker passing of customs control in comparison with rail transportations. Variants of equipment delivery, different construction materials, as well as freight that has small weight and considerable volumes are the most advantageous at motor transportations - at freight transportations for distances less than 2000 km the cost of delivery in comparison with rail transport can be much cheaper.

Speaking about disadvantages of motor transportations, they usually depend on remoteness of routes. For example, if it is necessary to deliver freight from one part of Russia to the other one, use of freight transportation becomes absolutely unprofitable, and in this case, depending on freight format and value, as well as on delivery urgency, it is necessary to use rail or air transport, and sometimes - sea freight transportations. Motor transportations also have some dependence on the season - usually in winter the geography of usage is somewhat contracted because of bad weather conditions.

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