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Q — When will my freight arrive?
A — Online information about your freight is the most convenient and quickest way of revealing the location of your dispatch. No need to refer to our call-center for receiving information from the controller, now you can all information about the process of freight delivery from the dispatch point to the destination point by registering on our site The section “location of your freight”, located in each page of the site, gives you opportunity to receive full information about your dispatch in your “profile”.

Q — How can I use reimbursement service or service of freight value setoff in case of loss occurrence?
A — If on receiving your freight you reveal deficiency in quantity, package defect or damage of freight content, it is necessary to make corresponding comments protocol and transfer receipt act at our courier and later you should refer to our client service center (email a reference link to a specialist dealing with recovery of losses).

Q — Can I pick up the freight by my transport?
A — Yes, you can. If you personally wish to pick up your freight from the warehouse, you should make an application in advance, referring to call-center. The operator will receive all the information concerning your freight, date and time of supposed pick up and will give necessary instructions to the warehouse for preparation and delivery of your freight for a fixed time.

Q — Do you provide freight storage services if I am not ready to receive it immediately on arrival?
A — Yes, for this purpose you should contact call-center operator or fill in a special form in our site in the section “warehouse services”. The operator will process your application and answer all questions you are interested in.

Q — What are maximum dimensions for delivery?
A — According to technical and constructive peculiarities of motor vehicles, airplanes and motor lorries, it is desired that dimensions of one standard place do not exceed 120 cm x 90 cm x 90 cm. However, having a wide range of technical possibilities, we will consider any variants of your freight dimensions, including non-standard, oversized and heavy freights. During filling-in the application for delivery it is necessary to fill in the appropriate columns and ask the operator all the questions.

Q — Do you deliver freights to regions?
A — Yes, we do, by air and motor transport. You should provide exact address of delivery in your application. If you have additional questions please contact call-center operator for taking optimal decision re your freight delivery.

Q — What is multimodal transportation?
A — Multimodal transportation is freight transportation with usage of several kinds of transport. Example: The container is taken aboard from China arrives in Finland, then it is transferred to the motor vehicle which delivers freight to the end point.

Q — What does «door-to-door transportation» mean?
A — It means that the company which provides services for “door-to-door delivery” undertakes all troubles connected with your freight delivery. You should only indicate the pick up place and place of delivery.

Q — What is implied in renting a truck individual route?
A — If you need only motor transport, without providing additional services, you can order a truck for your freight delivery in our company.

Q — What is freight consolidation, its purpose?
A — Freight consolidation is a combination of freight consignments of different consignors in the warehouse of the company-carrier, for their subsequent consolidated dispatch. Freight consolidation is advantageous for delivery of small freight consignments, since it makes it possible to reduce costs, as compared to individual ones.

Q — Who is a customs broker?
A — Customs broker is a company that provides customs services and is a mediator between the freight owner and customs officials. Qualified and competent customs broker will let you save time and money at cargo customs registration in the territory of Russia.